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Welcome, everyone to the new KMB and Me Boutique Blog! While this whole online process has been a wonderful disaster of a journey to look back on, I wouldn't change a thing. For those of you that are new to us, it is easy to say you have missed a rather squirrely journey in blog land with all of our changes. Thanks to those who have held on for the ride and welcome to those who are just beginning this journey with us. 

How'd we get here? Where are we going?

We started out as a simple blog to pass the time. I had no clue what I was doing (still, kinda don't, who knows if I ever will), then switched to fashion posts and random DIY's and now have moved on to what our hearts desired all along. Which is to bring beautiful fashions to your homes while writing about our products and adventures wearing them. 

What started with a simple conversation with an amazing friend on the couch, lead into a chaotic rush to attain my dreams for my online adventure. After many weeks of research and learning, I am pleased to bring you the KMB and Me Boutique. 

While we are still new to the arena, we have plenty of knowledge behind us and a great eye for trendy new fashions. We want to be able to provide you with items you can't always find and maybe some items you can find but at a better price!

Women, Children and Mommy and Me fashions are what we like best but you never know what surprises we may find along the way. We do tend to lean a little towards bohemian style as that is where we settle in our own wardrobe and we also know these are not always items found on the racks of your everyday stores.


Our follow up post will include many topics but most of which will be product reviews and fashion inspiration. We want to be able to provide a sense of friends and family with each purchase you make from KMB and Me and hope the blog portion of our shop will help you find this. Learning more about who's providing your products, what to expect from our products, and why we are thankful you are purchasing from us is the blogs ultimate goal. Whether it be items from our site or somewhere else we have found favorite items, we hope you enjoy our coming posts and look forward to sharing our adventure! 

Before we go, I would like to give a few special thanks to the people that have supported and helped this project along! I have some of the best friends and family around and could not have accomplished this journey without them or their support and are thankful for each and every one of them. 

Special thanks, however, go out to.... 

Mitzi Emig of Mitzi Emig Photography. Not only has she been a great friend during this process of change but has provided me with beautiful photos of which totally make me look much better than I should! I recommend her no matter what your photography needs may be! 

Mike Woodson for dealing with my needy ways while designing our logo. Which means so much to me. There is a bit of me in this logo and it is more than meaningful. So thankful to have a talented brother-in-law who can make just what I had envisioned. Look for our logo to pop up in many places to come! 

And last but not least thank YOU for reading and shopping with us here at KMB and Me. Our lines of communication are always open and would love to have your comments and questions! Also, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date deals and promotions! 

Happy Shopping!  

KMB and Me  


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